Introduction There are many website designer software’s available on the market, all of which vary in features and price. It's never an easy choice to choose the right one. If you're wanting something that's easy to use, yet has a great variety of tools to get your website the way you want it, then look no further. Xara's Web Designer 10 Premium is their latest and top version in 2014, it retails for £89.99 which is very reasonable for what it offers.  However, if you're on a budget and don't mind losing some features, or want much more than just a web designer, Xara a couple of other packages available: Web Designer 10 (RRP: £39.99): A basic version available at a great cost.  There are several advanced features which you'll only find on the premium version. Designer Pro X10 (RRP: £249): The whole package. Web Designer 10 Premium, Photo & Graphic Designer 10 and Page & Layout Designer 10 combined into a fully integrated single package. Minimum System Requirements Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® XP | Vista® | 7 | 8 | 8.1. Compatibility: 32 bit or 64 bit. Processor: Intel® Celeron® or newer, or AMD Sempron® or newer. RAM: 500MB of RAM. Disk Space: 300MB of available hard-disk space. New Features Technology improved every single day, so if you want to be up to date with the newest features and best compatibility, then getting the latest version of a software is key. Here are some new features that come along with the latest version of Xara's Web Designer Premium 10: Single Page Supersites: Aimed at smaller sized websites; the single page supersite is a fantastic feature which allows you to combine all your web pages into one.  You can make it so it scrolls horizontally or vertically, my personal favourite is the vertical scroll. Unfortunately this won't suit every type of website, as already stated this is more for smaller web pages such as portfolio websites etc... I had tried it on mine, though where I have so many pages it was completely overkill. Responsive Web Design: Viewing websites on the go is a very popular thing these days, most people nowadays own a smartphone and/or tablet device.  It's very important to have a website that caters for visitors that not only use desktops/laptops, but smartphones and tablets too. Xara's RWD allows you to create multiple variants so your website can be displayed to its best on desktops, tablets & smartphones. New Page Transitions: Spruce up your website with the new page transitions. The transition between two pages are super smooth and look really cool, definitely makes your website look eye-catching. Scale To Fit: As the title states, this will make your website automatically scale itself to fit the resolution of the visitors browser.  A very good feature to use! Other new features & Content: WDP-V.10 now has a new insert menu for more ease of use inserting elements onto your web pages.  There are now a vast choice of ‘SmartShapes’ so you can easily create stylish arrows or speech bubbles etc... You'll find new widgets, templates and other software improvements. Ease of Use The best thing about Xara's Web Designer is that you don't need any knowledge on HTML because the software sorts all that out for you.  All you need to worry about is the content and where you want it to be placed. For those who are new to Xara's Web Designer software I would recommend having a little play around with the tools available, although they are very simple to use, it's always good to get used to where everything is and which tool does what to make your website building a faster and smoother process. If you want to jump straight into making your own website but aren't fussed about specifically designing your website, then you can take a major shortcut by choosing a professionally pre-made theme available for your use.  There's no shortage of themes to choose from, in fact the library offered has an impressive variety of styles to suite many tastes. Alternatively you can completely design your website without the need of using a theme, this way you can make your website more personal and show everyone what your sites all about.  To get a better understanding of page layouts, I would recommend opening up a theme so you can view the layers for yourself.  Then you can create a blank template and get creating to your hearts content. There's many things you can place onto your web pages; headers, buttons, navigation bars, shapes, text boxes, import images, music, videos or insert widgets such as YouTube videos, news feeds and e-commerce etc...  You can literally have the website to how you want it. As or uploading the finalised website to your hosting site, it's also a very easy process; all you need is the FTP host address, username & password. Final Opinion From using Xara's Web Designer 7 Premium all the way to Ver.10, I have seen vast improvements over the years with extra features, compatibility and general improvements which make using this software much more easier. This software offers a great package for people wanting to get their own website started, it has a simple user interface with easy tools to use which can get you fantastic results. Those wanting a professional looking website for a portfolio or small businesses, then I would highly recommend this software. NOTE: This website was created via Xara's Web Designer software.
Posted: 11th August 2014
RRP: £89.99
Pros:  + Easy to use.  + Good tools to use.  + Variety of themes.  + No high PC specs to run.  + Reasonable Price. Cons:  - N/A
Places to Buy: (Int’l) Manufacture
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