I've gotta say these are probably the best packaged headphones I've seen to date, if you were to mix this box with any a bunch of other brands out there, this one will certainly stand out of the crowd. When you open the box you instantly get a first good impression, the looks are so stylish, it's very lightweight, and has a bazaar flimsy but solid feel to it. The parts of the headphones that touch your head are well padded making the initial experience very comfortable when your put them over your head, you can also adjust them not by sliding the headband, but the ear-cups instead. The sound is very good, I found it to be great regardless of the genre you listen too, I was naive to think that because they're made specifically to enhance bass, it's going to ruin the music tracks that don't have much bass in them, but I was wrong, in fact the tracks that didn't have much bass were well balanced, and those tracks with heavy bass were amplified and my god did it sound awesome. Back to comfortability, whilst overall the headphones are comfortable, after awhile I felt pressure along my ears, this may once again be down to me wearing glasses and the pressure from the headphones are slowly squishing my ears onto them making it uncomfortable for long periods of usage (this is why I normally go for over-ear headphones), nevertheless I had to mention it for those people who have the same problem. So overall these are good headphones, I wouldn't recommend it to those who have the same pressure issues I have with on- ear headphone, but for those who don't, I would highly recommend!
Very stylish, fantastic sound, but aches ears after awhile
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