The WA890EA is a small and very lightweight device that connects to your WiFi access point and relays it onto other devices which are not WiFi compatible via Ethernet cable. ♦ Box-contents: WA890EA Entertainment Adapter | Ethernet Cable x1 | Micro USB Cable & Power Plug. ♦ ♦ Recommended Extras: Ethernet Cable (How long and how many extra you need depends on your needs). There are two ways you can connect this device to your internet, the fastest way is to use the WPS button (some are called QSS) which most recent routers have these days: Step 1) Power-up the adapter via the Mirco USB cable and power plug. Step 2) Connect the unit to your desired device via Ethernet cable (gaming console, blu-ray player or smat TV etc...). Step 3) Press the WPS button on your router then within 2 minutes press the 'WPS/Reset' button on the adapter. And that's it, you will know if your devices are connected to the internet because the adapters LED will turn blue. The other way is more long winded, it will require you to connect your adapter to your PC/laptop and manually configure the internet settings which the instruction manual clearly lays out, once done you can remove the Ethernet cable from your PC/Laptop and connect any other device to it. As for the results I was pleasantly surprised, I did two tests; first was with my computer connected direct to my router via Ethernet cable, and the other way was via wire but using this adapter, and here were the results: Wire via router: 34ms ping, 5.76Mbps download & 0.73Mbps upload. Wire via adapter: 34ms ping, 5.81Mbps download & 0.73Mbps upload. These tests were done within a space of 4 minutes from each other, so my internet could have fluctuated, but it still shows that your not losing any speed when using the hub which I was very surprised. Obviously the overall performance will differ from your routers signal strength, how far away your connecting it from, your internet speed and how many devices your connecting to the hub. During my experience using this to date, I haven't had any problems with the internet cutting out unless it was to do with issues with my router. Overall this is a very good product that's easy to set-up and provides consistent internet access to your devices that only have an Ethernet port.
Simple and very useful device
Wired directly to my router
Using the TL-WA890EA
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