Exceptional sound quality... shame the compatibility is limited
BRIEF The SL99 headphones are an extraordinary piece of audio equipment that any person who are passionate about music will fully appreciate. Just looking at the box tells you these headphones mean business, it's very neatly styled however is a nightmare to get into, I had my hands on the corners of the box whilst franticly shaking it up and down, it worked eventually. When you finally get into the box you are presented with a very smart accessory case which inside have the small & large ear-buds. As for the earphones, well lets just say they are probably the most stylish in-ear headphones I have seen to date, visually they shout "hey look at me!", and they have every right to do so. The quality is the cable is really nice, instead of the typical circular wires, they seem to have a slight rectangle shape which is probably why they don't get tangle so easily (I'm not sure if this is the actual reason, but the wires very rarely tangle when I shove them into my bag unlike previous headphones, but when they do they untangle with very little effort). COMPATIBILITY I've tried this on many different devices that have an audio jack slot, with mixed results: * iPod, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4; I was able to test this on my sisters and friends iPods and iPhones and can say these headphones are FULLY compatible with these devices, you can use the control panel located under the right earphone: The triangles are for volume adjustment or press the circle button once for play/pause, twice for skip forward, or three times to skip back a track. For iPhone users, when you get a phone call, press the circle button to answer it, that's right, the control panel has a very small hole on the back which picks up audio! I must say the audio quality both ways were very good indeed! * Sony Walkman; For audio purposes only, this does the job, but unfortunately you cannot use the control panel. * Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo This is the phone I have, unfortunately I get a message (Unsupported Device), I don't really mind not being able to use the skip functions or the hands-free option, I just want to listen to my music.... So this was a HUGE disappointment for me. Not being able to use it on my phone was a real let-down especially as it has the 3.5mm audio socket this is why I had to knock off a star. Luckily for me though I have a Walkman, which is DOES work on, so I can use these with that. COMFORT & SOUND QUALITY I wanted to get more than one opinion so I also asked friend on his opinion for these headphones: Personally I found it took awhile to get used to getting them in my ear, I also at first wasn't fond of the feel in the sense of my last earphones were really nice and snug, whereas these had a more lighter feel which although were actually secure, felt like they were going to drop out at any second. Although now after using it for awhile I don't get that sense of feeling any more. As for the sound, I cannot fault it in any way, I've listened to; Passion Pit, Taylor Swift, Fightstar, 30 seconds to Mars and was blown away, no matter what genre of music I listened too, it always took my breath away, it can even produce some nice bass also. My friend is a drummer and I would say he's very picky on music quality, he notices a lot more flaws when it comes to music than I do. He had no problem putting them into his ears, he actually found them to be very comfortable on first time use, as for his opinion on the sound quality, he stated the quality was extremely good and was very pleased with their performance. OVERALL I wouldn't recommend these for people who don't own an iPhone due to the lack of compatibility, as to those who have an MP3 player (excluding the iPod) and don't mind not being able to use the control panel, then I would recommend these. As for those who own an iPod, iPhone or iPad and appreciate the up-most audio quality, then I highly recommend these!
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