Sony's XA900iP wireless speaker dock is one of four in the X-series that is currently available on the market, at the moment it's the highest model available out of the series with a huge price tag, just the mere thought will manage to make any persons eyes water. I think the main question for many people would be "is it really worth the money?", well ladies and gentlemen, I can genuinely say this has not only(to date) been the best dock I have proudly had the chance to play with, but possibly one of the best 2.1 speakers I have ever heard.... oh and it looks great too! Most docks on the market connect to devices via one or two ways, either with a combination of an iPod dock accompanied by an AUX port; Bluetooth & AUX, or just the one alone.  A good example would be the Philips Fidelio iPod Dock which lets you connect your iPod/iPhone directly to a docking port or any device that has an AUX port available. However the XA900iP has many different ports making it one of the most compatible docks available; it features the following: 1) Main Dock:  Apple devices only.  It accepts all generations of iPod, iPhone & iPads and even charges them! 2) AirPlay:  Another Apple feature which allows you to stream your music wirelessly to the dock. 3) Bluetooth:  Many devices have this feature of which should be Android based, so if you have an Android phone or tablet, you can play music & audio wirelessly, though please note that Bluetooth devices work on average up to 32 feet (10 meters) away. 4) Digital In:  By using an optical/digital cable(not supplied), you can transmit your audio from main home devices such as your Television, PlayStation 3 and Blu-ray player! 5) Analog In: Otherwise known as an AUX port, by using an auxiliary cable(not supplied), you can connect devices such as a Walkman or CD player to play music. 6) Video Out:  For use with iPad when connected directly on the dock to view videos on a display such as a TV. (Cable not supplied) Due to these multiple compatibilities, this dock is great for social gatherings and parties where peoples devices vary. For those using the dock via Bluetooth or iPod Dock feature, can use the included remote control to skip tracks and adjust volume wirelessly. (People using the dock can also browse through their tracks). The other main feature a dock needs is good sound quality, for those who really appreciate music, listening to bad audio quality can be an unpleasant experience.  When it comes to top-notch sound quality, this unit delivers, in fact it actually delivered more than what I had expected. This product advertises it has ‘dual-passive radiators’ and ‘magnetic fluid speaker units’ which provide powerful bass, higher sound pressure and less sound distortion.  I honestly couldn’t tell you what they were exactly, but what I can be sure about is that the speakers really do produce crystal clear sound and rich/perfectly balanced bass even at high volumes. I’ve tried listening to pop, rock, metal, country and more and couldn’t fault anything, you could literally hear every beat of the track. So far all I’ve had from people are positive responses when they’ve heard what this speaker can deliver, two musician friends who are EXTREMELY picky when it comes to sound have done nothing but compliment the sound quality, even one said it is on par with an £800 Bose speaker he had listened too. As for the looks, it’s elegant, very stylish and one that would suit being in many different styled rooms. Overall I believe it’s a great investment for people who are obsessed with sound and for those who really like getting the most out of their music, yes the price tag is big but will be worth it for any audiophile out there!
Style, sound and compatibility, it has it all!
Contents include: Main Unit, Remote Control, Two AC power cords (UK/EU) & Operation Manuals.
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