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Worth every single penny!
BRIEF When it comes to headsets I can be very picky in the sense of comfort, I wear glasses so any pressure that is put onto my ears will push them into the side of my glasses, short time this is fine however in the long run it can be extremely painful. Whilst my previous headset was comfy, I couldn't do long gaming sessions with them on for talking to friends, or even use them to avoid annoying my family with TV sounds, so I had to think about upgrading. After a long search I came across this product, it had been getting very positive reviews and I decided to go for the pricey plunge. I personally love the look of this headset, they have a really nice suave/neat look to them and they feel pretty solid in quality, that is until you whop out the microphone... it feels very flimsy, which I think they could of easily made more sturdy, microphone aside the headset as a whole is top quality. This product doesn't come with a charging cable, but most of you should already have one, if you want to wear it whilst charging I would suggest getting an extra long one: 5M USB 2.0 A Male To Mini B 5 Pin Cable For Charging PS3 Playstation 3 Controller & Digital Cameras. When charging the headset, a red light will glow on the microphone, when it's fully charged it will disappear. SET-UP & CONTROLS Connecting it to your PS3 couldn't be any simpler; you plug in the USB dongle(provided), push & hold down the power button for two seconds, this is located at the top of the panel on the left-hand side of the headset and your all ready to go. When you first use the headset it will automatically adjust the settings for you; it pairs the microphone in the settings so you don't have to and any audio that is supposed to come out of the TV come out of the headset instead, this can be changed by going to: "Settings" - "Accessory Settings" - "Stereo Headset Audio Extension" and turn it "Off". If the blue light glowing on the microphone, it means that the microphone is enabled, to disable it, just tap the power button and it should turn purple, this is to let you know it is muted. You have two different sliders just under the left-hand side of the headset: 1) The one on the front features a "SOUND" - "VOICE" ratio slider, if you want all game, slide it all the way to "SOUND", or if you just want to hear friends who are using headsets slide it to "VOICE", or to get a customised mix of ratio, just slide it until you're happy, personally I either have a 50-50% ratio, or a 40-60% ratio. 2) On the back is the main "VOLUME" slider, which will keep the ratio you have but increase/decrease the overall volume. Once again on the left-hand side, but this time on the top, you have the "VIRTUAL SURROUND SOUND" button, to toggle this on or off, you have to hold it for around 1-2 seconds, an indicator on the screen will indicate if it's on or off. (refer to the manual when you get the product to see the symbols and meanings). OVERALL EXPERIENCE AND THOUGHTS  Honestly, this is the best headset I've had to date of writing this review, the comfort levels are superior to ANY headset/headphones I've EVER had, this is due to the fact that the earcups go directly over my ears, which means there is not one bit of pressure on them. That said, due to it going over your ears and restricting what you can hear on the outside world, you may find yourself talking a bit more loudly than normal. It's easy to use, the controls are all on the left hand side making them easy to find and quickly adjust. Although the mic feels flimsy, the quality it outputs is totally the opposite, my friends can hear me with crystal clear clarity (may vary on some game servers, but this is due to the servers, not the headset). The audio is amazing, I've listened to music, watched films and obviously played games through this headset and can assure you the audio is top-notch. As for the surround sound, I'm not too sure if you could call it a proper surround sound experience, but nevertheless I'm happy with the out come. Full stars from me!