The E series Walkman comes in many different styles and memory capacities, I got the camo-green which is my personal favourite, however I have seen the other designs available and must say they do look fantastic and offer a variety of style no matter what your taste. To charge or transfer media files across is done by one cable, it connects via a USB port to the computer and the other end slots into the Walkman. When fully charged, you can get 50 hours worth of play time which is fantastic, I've been using this for a few days and still haven't had the need to charge it up. To transfer your files easily, use the software included called "Media Go", go to My Computer - WALKMAN (Under Portable Devices) - Storage Media - "Setup". Follow the installation wizard and complete the whole setup. Using the software "Media Go" allows you to easily transfer your music, video clips, photos, pod-casts & downloads by simply clicking on the desired file and pressing 'Ctrl'&'T', or right click and go to "Add to" - "WALKMAN". You don't need to wait for the current selected files to transfer to be able to add more, by selecting more it just makes a queue. You can manage the files on your Walkman by clicking one of the media tabs under "WALKMAN: Storage Media", here you can delete files to make more room for other songs. Once done click on the main Walkman tab and press "Disconnect Device" to ensure a safe disconnect. This product does include earphones, some odd-shaped earphones I must add, each one has it's own designated ear it must go into due to the shape. Don't underestimate these earphones as they really pack a punch with rich sound & bass quality, which I didn't expect at all. As for the Walkman itself, it's never been so easy to find an artist or album you want to listen to. It uses a cross search interface, you can either go down to gradually find an artist, or you can skip through letters by clicking left or right. When you have found the artist you will get an option to play all of their songs, or individually select an album. I've used an iPod before and personally I prefer the interface of this Walkman compared to the iPod any day. This Walkman has two volume buttons on the right hand side along with a "HOLD" button, slide the hold button up to ensure no tracks will be skipped during travel. Overall I really cannot find any faults with this product; it's super stylish, it comfortable to hold & fits into your pockets easily, though I would it's simple to navigate and most importantly the sound quality is top-notch!
Very stylish, easy to navigate and great delivery of sound!
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