Product Review: Sony PlayStation 3 Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset
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Phenomenal headset
Brief Information ♦ This product is a premium headset that boasts extremely high-end quality audio/mic capabilities with a ton of customizable features that will certainly entice many PS3 gamers. Not only does this headset glisten with style, upon first touch you instantly know this product is made to be top quality, it feels solidly built, it's easy to adjust and the ear & headband cushions are so comfortably soft. Contents Included ♦ - Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset. - USB Dongle. - Stereo audio cable (for use with a 3.5mm jack). - Manual. Optional Purchases ♦ - PS3 Controller Charger Cable; only needed if you've lost your controllers charger cable. - USB Cable Extension; If you want to sit back comfortably away using this headset whilst it's recharging, you may want one of these. - USB Power Adapter; you can use this to power up your USB dongle when connecting it to other audio devices via the stereo cable. Set-Up ♦ #NOTE; It's always advised to fully recharge new products before use. Getting this headset ready for use takes a matter of seconds: 1) Plug in the USB dongle into one of your PS3's USB sockets. 2) Turn on the headset. The PS3 should configure all the headset settings automatically following the steps above, however if for some reason it doesn't, follow the next steps: 1) Scroll to "Settings" > "Accessory Settings". 2) Go to "Audio Device Settings" and make sure the "Input Device" & "Output Device" are selected to "Wireless Stereo Headset". 3) Within "Accessory Settings", go to "Stereo Headset Audio Extension" and make sure it's "On", this will make sure all the audio goes directly to the headset rather than the TV. Headset Functions ♦ This headset has buttons/sliders and ports on both sides: [Left side] 1) "Power On/Off" Button. 2) Sound/Voice Mixer Slider; this is used to get a different balance between game audio and chat audio. 3) Main Volume Slider. 4) "Mic Mute" Button. 5) Mini USB Socket; for recharging purposes. 6) Audio Jack. [Right side] 1) "VSS On/Off" (Virtual Surround Sound). 2) "MODE" Button; audio pre-sets change from "Game", "Music", "Movie", "Shooting", "Fighting" & "Racing". 3) "BASSIMPACT" Slider; switch it off, or adjust the intensity of the bass impact feature. Compatibility ♦ A big bonus about this headset is the fact it's compatible with so many other different devices: [PC & MAC - Wirelessly via USB Dongle] You can connect the headset to a desktop PC or laptop with a Windows or Mac operating system, though it does state in the manual it may not work with ALL computers. I've tried it on my PC with a Windows 7 operating system and I can assure you the audio and microphone worked fine (The VSS & Mixer slider can only be used on the PS3). [TV & Other audio devices - Wirelessly via USB Dongle] The USB dongle has an audio in slot on the side for use with the 3.5mm jack cable included, this is used to stream audio wirelessly from your TV or other audio devices such as an MP3 player. To use this feature you must: 1) Insert the USB dongle into a powered USB socket, be it in the PS3 when turned on, or by using a USB Power Adapter. 2) Insert the audio jack cable that was included into the side of the USB dongle, then the other end of the cable into the desired unit (TV or MP3 player). 3) Turn on the headset and away you go. The USB dongle will light up green whilst using this feature and it will override any PS3 audio, so if you have it connected to your PS3 and you want to listen to the audio from there, just remove the cable. I've tried this to connect my TV and Walkman wirelessly and it worked perfectly, though it didn't work with my mobile phone. [VITA & other audio devices - 3.5mm Jack Audio Cable] You can use this headset for the PlayStation Vita(audio & voice chat features) by linking the two via the audio cable provided. It is possible to connect this headset to a mobile phone to listen to audio and talk on the phone, however not all phones are supported, unfortunately mine isn't either. Whilst the supplied audio cable worked fine for my Walkman, it does state in the manual that a standard stereo audio cable may be needed to listen to audio content on certain devices. #NOTE; when using the headset for audio purposes via the audio cable, you don't have to have the headset "on" for it to work. Quality ♦ [SOUND] The sound is absolutely phenomenal, it's very clear and whatever your using the headset for; gaming, music or movies, I'm sure you wont be disappointed. I would suggest having a little play around with some of the modes & features to get the most out of this headset. - VSS (Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound); Obviously it's not going to be as good as a proper 5.1 surround home cinema system, however it does do a great job of simulating a sense of direction. - Bass Impact; This mode is not suited for everything. You may get along with this feature from the start or you may not, for me it took some time tweaking the different levels as it varies in different modes, but I've gotta say once you've perfected the level, it can be pretty intense. I watched Transformers on Blu-Ray through these headphones via movie mode and set to a decent level of bass impact... completely blew me away. [MICROPHONE] Was very sceptical about this mic at first, it's located on the left headphone as three very small holes. Whilst there is no microphone sticking out positioned by your mouth, it has an incredible ability to pick up your voice with crystal clear clarity, can't fault it at all. [COMFORTABILITY] As the headphones are over-ear and very well cushioned, it makes it one of the most comfortable headsets I've ever worn. The best thing is I can wear these for a couple of hours without any discomfort. [CHARGING & BATTERY LIFE] To fully charge the headset when it has no charge left takes approximately 3.5 hours and lasts between 4-6 hours when fully charged depending on whether your using 'BassImpact' as this feature drains the battery faster. You can use this headset whilst charging, though depending on how far away you'll be from the PS3 & the length of the charger cable your using, you may want to consider getting a USB extension cable. Final Opinion ♦ So far it's ticked all the right boxes, can't fault it at all so I would highly recommend it.