Introduction The 'Stereo In-Ear Headset' otherwise known as the 'Cobra Headset' was primarily designed for use with the PS4 via the Dualshock 4 controller, although it isn't shy to mention on the back these are also compatible with the PlayStation Vita and other devices such as a smartphone or tablet. Unfortunately if you're looking at these to use with your PS3, these aren't compatible. The asking price may seem a little steep for an in-ear headset, however you are paying extra for the active noise-cancelling technology, which Sony are advertising as "Noise Reducing AudioShield Technology". This headset is a great alternative for those who are not a fan of on-ear or over-ear headsets, though even more so if you're in a situation where noise-cancelling is going to be beneficial, for example: You live close to a busy road, or you may have a noisy boiler of washing machine; it isn't however going to drown the sound of a noisy sibling. Other situations where the noise-cancelling feature would be useful is if you're using it in conjunction with your smartphone and are out of the house, you'll be surprised at how effective they can be! If you're planning on using these purely for home use and you're not in a situation where noise-cancelling is going to be beneficial, then the extra cost isn't going to be worth it, so do bare this in mind. Packaging & Contents The headset comes in well presented small sized box. The box itself measures in at just 5.5cm(W) x 11.1cm(L) x 11.4cm(H). Inside you will find: Main Headset. Micro USB Cable. Spare Earpieces. Carry Pouch. Instruction Manual. Both the headset and micro USB cable has a nice quality feel, fabric woven cable. The one negative thing I could say about the headset is the earphones feel a little cheap. The headsets cable has a nice length measuring in at 134cm. Along the cable are various features: Noise-Cancelling Power Box: This box has a switch to enable the noise-cancelling mode along with a micro USB charging port and a mute button for the microphone. In-Line Controls: There are three buttons found on this part: Volume(+) | Answer/End Call | Volume(-). Cable Tidy: Latches both cables leading up to the left and right earphones together, for a snug fit. Microphone: The microphone is located on the cable leading up to the right earphone; it's not obvious that it's a microphone, but it is. Set-Up & Using You can't make it much simpler: Plug it into the bottom of your Dualshock 4 controller to use with the PS4; the headphone jack for the Vita; or the headphone jack from your smartphone or tablet device. When using it with the PS4, the settings automatically sorted themselves out, however if it doesn't, go into the settings, find the audio device settings and flick the output to the controller. You can also hold the PlayStation button down and go into 'Adjust Devices' - 'Output to Headphones' to toggle between just hearing chat audio or all audio. If you're having problems hearing your party over the game, go into the party settings and adjust this audio mix in favour of party audio. Using the in-line controls to quickly adjust the volume, you will need the noise-cancelling feature to be ACTIVATED, otherwise you cannot adjust it via these controls and will have to do it manual via the connected device or PS4 settings. The 'Answer/End Call' button or 'Mute Microphone' switch can be use regardless if there's power or not. Another thing to add is that the 'Answer/End Call' button can also be used to pause/play songs by pressing it once, skip to the next track by double clicking it, and triple click to go to the previous song. Noise-Cancelling Feature The noise-cancelling feature only works on certain sounds. I have tried this with noisy moving traffic, my boiler and tumble dryer where the noise-cancelling worked TREMENDOUSLY! It won't work to cancel out other peoples voices, so if you have noisy people in the house, you're not going to escape that. Comfort & Sound Quality The earphones are fiddly to get in at first due to its odd shape, however once inserted these are very comfortable to wear. Playing 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 3' was a real pleasure; you get a nice sense of direction (be it gun fire or an enemy UAV) and explosions or sniper shots sound great too. I've also played Rocket League and have listened to a variety of music genres and am happy with the results. Now that said, of course it still isn't the best audio I've ever heard. I have some Bose in-ear headphones which are better quality (they are much more expensive though) and the Sony PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 (Over-Ear) are also much better, however the audio is still good and acceptable for the price. Final Thoughts This is a decent headset that can be used on other devices as well as the PS4. It's also stylish and very comfortable to wear. As a WHOLE package I think the price is just right, however if you're not in need for a noise-cancelling feature then you may find they're not worth the value. All in all, if you would benefit from noise-cancelling features and are more of a fan of in-ear headsets, then this is a product I would recommend.
Posted:  04/12/2015
Cobra In-Ear Headset (PS4)
RRP: £77.99
Pros:  + Stylish.  + Quality fabric woven cable.  + Comfortable to wear.  + Good microphone quality.  + Very good audio quality.  + Decent noise-cancelling. Cons:  - Earphones feel a bit cheap.  - Unit HAS to be powered on    to adjust volume via in-line    controls.
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