I'm actually blown away, these headphones are a fantastic addition to the Sony range. *Stylish: The design is fantastic, they have an awesome vibe about them. *Comfort: I'm being 100% genuine when I say these are the most comfortable headphones I have EVER worn. The problem I've had with other headphones is that they seem to make my ears ache because I have glasses, I'm not sure about anyone else, but all other headphones I've had slightly put pressure on the ears which then go into the side of my glasses, it's unnoticeable at first but after awhile it can get very uncomfortable and can be painful. These headphones are so light feeling, I don't have this issue. *Quality: The sound quality this product gives is top-notch, okay so they might not be compared to others like Bose, but that's a huge price comparison were talking about. Overall I think these are well worth the price tag, they're stylish, extremely comfy and they give off a real nice sound.
Stylish, Comfortable & Top Quality!
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