Brief I've been through all the past official wireless headsets that have come out (7.1 Stereo Wireless Headset & Pulses) and have always been impressed, so when this one was announced I was more than eager to get my hands on them. With the previous models, the Pulses were the "successor" to the 7.1 Stereo Wireless Headset, however with this newer version (also known as the 'Gold Headset' in the US), I'm rather unsure whether these are a successor to the Pulses... They both have certain features which are better than each other. That said, these are undoubtedly very high quality in both sound and comfort. What's in the box? 7.1 Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 | USB Dongle* | Micro USB Cable** | Stereo Cable*** | Carry Case | Manual/Documents. * This is vital to connect your PS3/PS4 via a wireless connection, do not lose this as you can't buy these separately. ** Unlike the Pulses, these actually come with a charging cable, HOORAH! Except the cable is rather short. *** This cable is used to connect the headset to a Vita or a Dualshock 4 controller; using it this way will mean you don't need to turn the headset on, nor does the headset has to have any charge. Set-Up & Using As I'm sure you're aware of, this headset works with the PS4, PS3 & PS Vita, whichever console you're planning on connecting this headset to, the set-up is very simple and easy to do, just follow one of the steps below. PlayStation 4 Wireless Set-Up: 1) Insert USB dongle into the PS4. 2) Turn the headset on. 3) Select the user profile you want to link the headset to (asks every time you turn them on). If you have two of these headsets, you can actually use them both at the same time using two different user profiles, this means you can even both participate in the same party chat. Wired Set-Up: 1) Plug the stereo cable into the headset. 2) Insert the other end of the cable into the Dualshock 4 controller. Whichever set-up you go for, if no game sound is going to the headset, follow these steps: Settings > Sound and Screen > Audio Output Settings > Output to Headphones > All audio. Alternatively, hold the PS button down and go to "Adjust Devices", you can also tweak the settings there. PlayStation 3 Wireless Set-Up: 1) Insert USB dongle into the PS3. 2) Turn the headset on. The PS3 should configure everything automatically. PlayStation Vita Wired Set-Up: 1) Plug the stereo cable into the headset. 2) Insert the other end of the cable into the Vita. Headset Functions There are many functions on the headset itself, most of which are only usable when wirelessly connected. - Pre-Set Sound Mode - When turning on the headset, if you skip over to '2' rather than '1', you can select to use a special pre-set sound mode which enhances the sound to that specific genre, such as "shooter" or "music" etc... Though you will need to set it up by firstly downloading the 'Headset Companion App', then connect the headset to your PS3/PS4 and upload a sound profile to it through the app. - Sound/Chat - This allows you to adjust the ratio of chat to in-game audio; you can have it balanced, or more swayed to one or the other. - Volume - Will adjust the overall volume. - VSS (Virtual Surround Sound) - Hold this button down to disable/enable, with VSS enabled, you will get the 7.1 VSS. - Mute - This will mute/unmute the microphone. Comfort & Sound Quality This headset is extremely comfortable overall, both the headband and earpads are super soft which make these very comfortable over longer periods of time. Sound quality is great, especially when using the specific sound profiles available on the headset companion app. I've used the shooter profile on games such as Battlefield 4 & Resogun and am pleased with the results; great sense of direction with clear and crisp sound. I've had to ask others for their opinion of my mic quality as I can't hear it myself, and everyone I've asked has said they can hear me very clearly, which is good as the microphone is completely hidden. There is one downside to this and the other previous models which didn't used to bother me, but has been recently, and that has to do with there being no playback when talking on the microphone. Due to the over-ear design, you can't really hear yourself when talking, so as the volume gets louder, you'll find yourself talking more loudly. I hope they can implement an update sometime in the future that will sort this issue out... Gold Headset -VS- Pulse Headset - Gold Headset - + Foldable design making it easier to store. + Slightly more comfortable than the Pulses, probably due to it being more lightweight as well as extra width of headband. + Sound has been improved a bit from the Pulses. + Longer battery life (up from 6 hours to 8). + Cheaper in cost (I paid £75 on first release which is £20-£30 cheaper than the Pulses). - Pulse Headset - + Slider controls rather than buttons. + Bass impact (was a love or hate feature). + Multiple sound profiles available to select through at once. + Has an aux port on the dongle for additional wireless usage with certain devices. Both are great headsets to which both also have their ups and downs compared to each other, however I seem to be using the Golds more. Overall Opinion This is a pretty solid headset that's available for a premium price, though I honestly believe it's money well spent... They're comfortable which means I can wear them for long gaming sessions, and with its crisp sound & VSS feature, it makes me feel more immersed with the gameplay. I've been using these for almost two weeks now and couldn't recommend them enough.
Top quality official headset
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