Having owned the Sony DSCHX9VB which is part of the older series released by Sony, I was more than keen on getting my hands on this new model which whilst doesn't offer as much zoom, does offer more mega-pixels and features. This model is extremely small, it's just a little bit bigger than the palm of my hand and is very light in weight. Before I go into any more detail here are a few things it comes with and what you will need: In the box: Camera | AC adapter | USB to mini USB | Battery | Wrist strap | Manual. Things you NEED: Transcend 16GB SDHC Class 10 Memory Card (You can choose a different brand/memory capacity). Optional: Camera Case | USB SDHC Card Reader | Spare Battery | HDMI - Mini HDMI Cable | Anti-reflective Screen Protector | Depth Underwater Case. - - - Despite the camera being super small, it's comfortable to hold and it's really easy to navigate around the settings, for those who have owned an older Cyber-shot model such as the HX9, you will notice how familiar the settings are as they are practically the same with a few extras. On the back you have a slider that lets you select which mode you want to be in; Picture, Panoramic, Movie mode, and within those modes you can go to different settings: PICTURE MODE: * Program Auto; a full customisable setting which lets you change exposure value, ISO, white balance, focus, metering, burst setting, smile settings and face detections. * Superior Auto; shoot sharp images reducing blur and noise automatically. * Intelligent Auto; Exposure adjustment with automatic settings. (Great for most situations). * Background defocus; adjust how much defocus you want the background to have which gives you a lower or greater depth of field. * Picture effect; tons to choose from such as partial colour, watercolour, illustration, black & white, pop colour and more! Partial colour is my favourite as it lets you single out a particular colour (red, blue, green & yellow), so if you have a red rose and have it on the red setting, the rose will be red, however everything else will be in black and white. * Scene mode; 15 pre-set modes to give you the most out of certain scenes. Here are some scenes available; soft skin, landscape, night portrait, hand-held twilight, gourmet, beach and more. * 3D still picture; viewable on 3DTV's. PANORAMA: * iSweep panorama; shoot panoramic image by panning across the scene. I love this setting, it's extremely easy to do and the results are fantastic, also choose from standard, wide or high-resolution panoramic shots. * 3D sweep panorama; take a 3D panoramic image displayable on a 3DTV. * Sweep multi-angle; can be displayed on a 3DTV or this camera, though personally is a bit of a gimmick setting in my opinion. * Underwater sweep panorama; natural colours for a fantastic underwater shot. *Need the underwater housing for this mode! MOVIE: You have the choice of three different video quality; FX (highest quality with 1920x1080(50i) resolution, FH (High quality 1920x1080(50i) & HQ (Standard quality with 1440x1080(50i) resolution. Two modes are available in movie mode; 'Intelligent Auto' or 'Scene Mode' which will effect your picture outcome when taking a picture whilst recording. The overall quality of the video and sound was decent, it's not as good as most camcorders available, however it's great for family videos and outings. - - - The battery life is pretty good, I've had it out for a whole day and didn't once need to recharge it until I got back home. As for the screen, it's a TFT screen not LCD and whilst does display images very clearly it has a poor viewing angle. I have been really pleased with the outcome of most shots, it does portrait, landscape, panoramic, daytime shots and night-shots(as long as the flash can cover the subject) brilliantly, as for low-light conditions without flash or night-time shots even when using hand-held twilight settings, have been extremely poor in my experience, I still have yet to take one good photo in such conditions. Apart from that I really like this camera and would still recommend it, but for those who want that little bit extra, I would recommend an upgrade.
Small and very lightweight
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