I purchased the RX100 last year, which has since been my favourite compact camera to use, and so far I haven't come across a camera that betters it, that is of course until this upgrade that brings some much welcomed extras. Here are some of the upgraded features: ☑ An improved sensor (Exmor R CMOS Sensor); it's still the same size and has the same effective mega-pixels, but is now backlit which means it's able to pick up light by a further 40%. ☑ Hot-shoe; no idea why they didn't include this on the previous version, but at least it's here now. ☑ Tilt-able screen; one of the things I was longing for on the old RX100, this is one of my favourite upgrades by far! ☑ NFC (Near-field communications); I love this extra feature, by tapping the bottom of this camera onto your phone that has NFC enabled, it will connect them both together straight away. If you don't have PlayMemories Mobile installed, it will take you to the store to download it (for free), if you have it installed already, it will connect them both together where you can then control the camera with your phone, though the modes are limited, you're able to take stunning quality photos and instantly transfer them over to your phone when taken. ☑ Now have an extra choice of recording in 25p addition to the previous 50i & 50p. ☑ PAL & NTSC choice; in the settings you can switch from one to the other which I'm sure certain people will love. - Zoom is still 3.6x optical zoom, this is normal for high-quality compact cameras such as this one. ☒ One thing this camera doesn't have is a touch-screen, this is debatable as a lot of people like this kind of feature, however others don't, personally I'm not a fan of touch-screen on cameras; I have a NEX 5RL and I always use the buttons to navigate, I hate using the touch-screen for some reason. ☒ Grip is minimal (best used with the wrist strap), once again this is down to preference, I like the combination of the sleek style whilst having just enough grip, but others may not like this. Box contents & recommended items Included in the box are the following: Camera | AC adapter | Battery | Micro USB cable | Wrist strap | Two shoulder strap adapters | Manual. Things you NEED: SDHC Memory Card (You can choose a different brand/memory capacity, though do remember as this is a 20MP camera, files sizes average between 3MB-5MB if your using Jpeg in fine detail, or is around 20MB if using the RAW format (RAW image has a '.ARW' file extension)). Optional: Camera Case (LCJ-RXA) | USB SDHC Card Reader | Spare Battery NP-BX1 | HDMI - Micro HDMI cable. Settings & Modes Just like the RX100, this is aimed towards people who are more advanced in photography due to it's great amount of changeability in settings, that said, like most cameras these days, regardless if it's a professional camera or for basic needs, they all seem to have automatic modes which allow people to snap shots quickly without having to worry about tweaking the settings in most situations. The interface is pretty much identical to that of the RX100, with the addition of a few extra available settings located within the menu, for those who haven't seen it before all the settings are changed within the main menu, unlike the other cyber-shot cameras where a side menu pops up allowing you to change settings whilst being able to see what the camera is pointing at, this one has a solid menu that covers the whole screen, which is very appropriately tabbed making it easy to navigate. Though if you wish to change a few settings quickly without going into the main menu, you can edit the 'Fn' button options (located on setting tab 2 in the main menu), this will give you the choice to select 7 out of 17 settings which will instantly be available upon pressing the 'Fn' button, choices range from image size, exposure, ISO, white balance, picture effects, HDR etc... This function is partially transparent, so you can see where your pointing at. To change modes, all you have to do is twist the mode dial located on top of the camera to the setting you want: Intelligent Auto | Superior Auto | Program Auto* | Aperture Priority* | Shutter Priority* | Manual Exposure* | Memory recall** | Movie | Sweep Panorama | Scene Selection***. * Advanced modes which allow you more customization in the settings. ** Allows you to set three different profiles, giving you quick access to your favourite settings. *** Gives you a choice of many pre-set modes such as 'portrait', 'landscape', 'night scene' etc... Image Quality The quality is utterly fantastic, the camera is able to focus quickly to the subject to then take very nice sharp photos. This camera is able to deliver an amazing amount of depth of field (obviously depends on which mode or settings you use), and found it be a bit more better than the previous RX100 when it comes to focusing on subjects at a closer range. Due to it's sensor it's able to produce great low-light shooting results even when it's being held, though for some more impressive shots at lower lighting levels, I would recommend getting a sturdy tripod and play with the shutter settings. The flash on this camera is also very good and I found it not to be overwhelming, I like the fact they've kept the same styled flash that allows you to manually point it upwards, allowing you to bounce the flash off the ceiling. Video Quality For those who are into recording movies/video footage, then you will be VERY pleased with this camera, especially on it's highest quality which produces a very smooth looking video. You also have the choice of the following recording modes: 'Program Auto', 'Aperture Priority', 'Shutter Priority', 'Manual Exposure', which gives you more control over your movies. The in-built stereo microphone is also very good quality, though with the addition of the hot-shoe it allows you to add a more advanced microphone (model number 'ECM-XYST1M'), when it becomes available. Helpful information When transferring files, if you're using the USB lead provided, make sure when it's connected you turn the camera on, otherwise it wont recognise the camera is connected. Personally I would recommend getting a USB SDHC Card Reader, it's so much faster to navigate through files and delete the ones not needed, you can then copy and paste the desired photos onto your computer within seconds. Pictures are located in the "DCIM" folder. Videos can be found by going through folders; "PRIVATE" - "AVCHD" - "BDMV" - "STREAM". Overall opinion Due to the RX100 having such a positive response from customers all over the world, I think it was a clever move by Sony to improve the camera even further by adding extra features consumers had been talking about which would improve it even further, and with the RX100M2, it has done just that! With the extra additions of an upgraded sensor with better sensitivity, hot-shoe, tilt-able screen, WiFi & NFC features, this definitely makes the RX100M2 a worthy upgrade. That said, I don't think it completely replaces the RX100, because it is a great camera and now it's been given a really good price reduction, however if the extra features are something that would be of a greater use (which for me it has), then I think it would be well worth either upgrading, or buying this over the RX100. Overall I would definitely recommend this camera, it's just utterly brilliant!
A worthy upgrade from the RX100
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