This product is a fantastic add-on to SONY's product range, the new BDP-SX1 is a top of the range portable blu-ray player that will not fail to please. Just the look and feel of it gives off a very good first impression, it has a nice pattern on the top and looks very suave, the size is decent (like a small laptop) and most importantly it is very light in weight! It features a high quality 10.1" LCD screen, touch buttons just underneath and below them you have some really good built-in speakers. On the side you have a varied choice of ports: - Two audio ports, so you can have up to two headphones plugged in at the same time! This is a fantastic idea. - USB 2.0 port; Put your own pictures, music and video onto a USB flash drive. - Audio & Video In/Out; Either connect this player to a bigger TV, or connect devices such as camcorders to the player to view them on it's screen. - HDMI out; If you want to connect this to a bigger High-Def TV, use this port to use this player as you would a normal blu-ray player. - Ethernet; connect this device to the internet to get updates for the player or use the BD-Live feature. This product also comes with it's own little remote (small, but comfortable to use). You don't really need to use this remote if your viewing this on your lap or somewhere arms length as the touch buttons are really easy to use, however if you have the player out of reach, then this remote is very responsive and works really well. The main feature I love about this player is how adjustable the screen is, you can twist it around up to 180 degrees, then to top that off you can push it down so it's like a tablet! Another important thing I should add is that the battery life runs for approximately 5 hours, which for a portable device like this is extremely good! The only downside is that it doesn't come with a carry case, this would be great add-on. Sony don't currently offer one to buy separately, however their are other brands out their you could buy, just make sure you get the right measurements. If you want to mount it to a car seat their are also some universal mounts available from other manufacturers that should be compatible. Overall, I cannot fault this product and couldn't be happier!
Quality picture & sound with a good lasting battery!
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