Introduction Sena headsets such as the 20S are more than simple to use, however it does require the user to take one of their hands off the handlebars temporarily, which in some scenarios can be dangerous. The 'SC-HR-01' aims to reduce risk by allowing the user to control their headset in thumbs reach whilst gripping onto their handlebar - Features: ∙ Water resistant. ∙ 3 Months operation time (From full charge). ∙ Clamping system for easy handlebar mounting. ∙ Firmware Upgradeable. - Compatible Headsets: ∙ 10C. ∙ 10U. ∙ 20S. ∙ Other Sena headsets with Bluetooth 4.1. Box Contents ∙ Handlebar remote. ∙ 2x Rubber Bands. ∙ Micro USB charging Cable. ∙ Instruction Manual. - Instruction Manual Issues: The first issue I came across was with the pairing section: Whilst it's very clear on how to put the remote in it's own pairing mode, it's not clear how to put the main three devices which are compatible (10C, 10U & 10C) into their own appropriate pairing mode for this device. Whilst I wouldn't normally expect a devices manual to tell you how to get a different device into its pairing mode, the remote is only compatible with other Sena devices, so adding a little extra leaflet wouldn't to help with this process wouldn't do any harm. Alternatively, Sena need to update their compatible devices manuals (which can be viewed on their App) so that people can look for a pairing reference. For example: Whilst the Sena 20S has a section mentioning how to access its configuration menu, there's nowhere stating that's where you need to go to and navigate through to be able to pair it to the handlebar remote. Second issue I came across was within the command section: Not all commands are correct (well, in use with the 20S anyway). Commands like adjusting the volume and skipping tracks are all correct, but starting an intercom or activating the voice dial for example, are not correctly written down, which is going to be a problem for anyone who just wants to read and memorise the appropriate commands rather than having a play around to figure out which does what. Set-Up - Before Set-Up: Regardless if there's any charge already in the remote, I would recommend giving it a full charge of 2 hours before use. - Pairing Process: 1) With the handlebar remote turned on (tap the front button), hold the rear button for approximately 5 seconds. 2) Enter the 'Remote Control Pairing' mode within your headset. ∙ 20S: Hold the 20S jog dial for 12 seconds until you hear "Configuration Menu", then scroll forward using the 20S control wheel until you hear "Remote Control Pairing", then press the phone button on the 20S. ∙ 10C: Currently haven't had the chance to use the 10C yet, so will write how to when I get the opportunity to use it. ∙ 10U: I do not own this device, so cannot comment on how to connect the two together. 3) With the two devices being in their appropriate pairing mode, the two should automatically connect. - Mounting Onto Your Motorcycle: 1) Stretch open up the clamp and place it over the handlebar grips (left side). The front button should be located above the joystick. 2) If you feel like the remote doesn't have enough grip when mounted, apply one or two of the rubber bands onto your grips. 3) Adjust the remote so that it's at an ideal angle and that your clutch lever doesn't clash with the remote when it's pulled in fully. The correct way to have the remote is having the joystick at a vertical position (on my bike, it was perfectly aligned with my indicator switch. An alternate way to have it so your clutch lever slots in between the gaps; I technically preferred it this way, however it made it very hard for me to hit my indicator switch, so I reverted back to the default position. It's quite hard to say which way would be most suitable for your motorcycle as different makes/models have different riding positions, button layouts or accessories that may further facilitate or hinder your experience compared to mine. In-Use There's one thing to bare in mind when using this is that it does force your left hand to be placed further out from the grips than you may do normally, I normally keep my hands towards in the inner areas of my grips than the outer area, so it did take me awhile to get used to. For some it may mean adjusting the clutch so it comes in a bit closer. So far I've tried it on two different bikes/set-ups: 1) My bike: Honda NC750S w/default levers (Street): Works well. 2) My friends: Yamaha R6 w/short levers (Super Sport): Is not suitable at all. The riding position of the R6 definitely didn't exactly help in the lack of comfortability when using this, however the main culprit would be the short levers. As the remote takes space within the inner part of your handlebar grips, it doesn't leave your hands much space to grip on the clutch. Once I had gotten used to my new hand position when using this on my bike, it wasn't too much of a bother. The only thing I have to do when using this is having to stretch my thumb out a little bit further to hit my indicator, however at no point was it blocking me from accessing any of my motorcycle controls. The remote's front button and joystick can easily be pressed with the thumb and the rear button with my index finger (this is with me wearing summer gloves). My main uses for the remote so far has been adjusting volume, skipping and pausing music, accepting phone calls and connecting to another's intercom and so far it has worked perfectly. Final Opinion It is a great accessory to have that really compliments (in my case) the 20S. I would rather have to deal with my moved over hand position than having to remove my hand off my handlebar and press the 20S directly. It's a shame the instruction manual isn't up to scratch, however this is something they could hopefully sort out. As for compatibility, it may not be suitable for all bikes, however I can see street and touring bikes being the most suitable for this particular product.
Posted:  17th July 2015
Sena SC-HR-01
RRP: £99
Pros:  + Easy to press buttons.  + Very long battery life.  + Convenient to have. Cons:  - Instructions needs sorting.  - May not be suitable everyone.
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