Introduction When it comes to motorcycle gadgets and tech, Sena really have been making great strides when it comes to innovation, firstly by making a device that allows you to overlay your voice to GoPro cameras via Bluetooth; followed by making their very own Bluetooth audio action camera, the Prism. Sena have now stepped the game up even further by making the 10C, an all inclusive action camera and Bluetooth intercom/communication device. Going through the specs of the 10C, it's as if Sena have almost perfectly combined the 20S with the Prism into one package, but look closer or even use it in fact, and you will see it's not exactly the same. Whilst the 10C has gained some extra features like 'Video Tagging' or 'Smart Audio Mix' which are FANTASTIC to have, it has also lost a couple, one that I've clearly noticed is that there's no 'UHD Voice Recording' which unfortunately hinders sound quality when recording your voice. That said, depending on your needs and expectations, the recording quality of the 10C may be absolutely fine. When it comes to weight, the 10C weighs 34g (1.19oz) more than the 20S which weighs 60g (2.11oz), but is only marginly bigger in size, so is still very compact. Also despite the 10C having the extra camera feature, the 10C only has three main buttons and is surprisingly very simple to use. Sena have also given the 10C a "cool" & "unique" look which seems to grab other motorcyclists curiosity. - Main Features ∙ Action Cam & Bluetooth communication system/intercom in one device. ∙ Full HD 1080p Recording at 30FPS (720P at 60FPS is available). ∙ 125°FoV with F/2 aperture. ∙ 30° Lens rotation to level out footage. ∙ Time-Lapse Feature. ∙ 1.6km (1 mile) intercom range (with no obstacles in the way). ∙ Up to four-way intercom. ∙ Voice prompts (headset will let you know when a mode is activated). ∙ Smart audio mix (Overlay intercom conversations, music, FM radio or phonecalls to your footage). ∙ Video tagging. ∙ Microphone noise control. ∙ Music sharing to other intercoms. ∙ FM Radio. ∙ Universal Intercom. ∙ Use whilst charging. ∙ Firmware Upgradable.* There is a firmware upgrade that's already available, so before using the 10C, go to Sena's website and search for their 'Device Manager' which is needed to update the 10C. Box Contents ∙ Main Headset Unit. ∙ Helmet Clamp. ∙ Adhesive Mounting Plate. ∙ Helmet Speakers. ∙ Attachable Boom Mic. ∙ Boom Mic Holder. ∙ Mic Wind Shields. ∙ Wired Mic. ∙ USB - Micro USB Cable. ∙ Car Charger (Cigarette Port). ∙ Pads, Covers and Hook & Loop Fasteners for Speakers & Mics. ∙ Allen Wrench. ∙ Quick Start Guide. - Recommended Extras: ∙ MicroSD Memory Card (The 10C only supports up to 32GB). Helmet Attachment Set-Up - Mount: You have two choices to mount the 10C to your helmet; either by using the helmet clamp or the adhesive plate. I used the helmet clamp as not only does it not leave any residue onto my helmet, it makes the whole mounting and un-mounting a quick and easy process. To attach the helmet clamp, ensure the clamp is loosened by using the included Allen wrench to undo the bolts; then slide the clamp onto your helmet (the part going inside your helmet should go between the shell and the cushion). After it's slotted in firmly and you're happy with the position, tighten up the bolts so the clamp is fixed in position. If you're using the adhesive plate, ensure the area it's being placed on is cleaned and dried (alcohol wipes are good to use). It's best to leave the adhesive plate on for at least 24 hours before mounting the 10C on to ensure it has settled properly. - Main Unit, Speakers & Microphone: I found it easier to mount the 10C onto my helmet and getting it in the correct position before setting everything else up. The 10C slides onto the mount, then you can adjust the vertical angle by loosening the wheel then twisting the camera around, and then twist the lens for the horizontal alignment. The speakers slot into the rear-right port of the 10C and the microphone is then plugged into a connector on the speakers cables. Place the speakers somewhere that's comfortable (if your helmet has speaker pockets, even better), then insert the microphone somewhere secure such as between the cheek pads and the helmet shell whilst allowing the boom part to protrude out. Intercom & Smartphone Set-Up - Intercom (Sena Intercoms): 1) Whilst powered on, hold the jog button down for 5 seconds to enter intercom pairing. 2) Ensure the other Sena headset is also in intercom pairing mode. 3) Press the jog button. - Intercom (Non-Sena Intercoms): You will need to navigate through the 10C configuration menu by holding the jog button down for 12 seconds. - Smartphone: 1) Whilst powered on, hold the phone button down for 5 seconds to enter phone pairing. 2) Ensure your smartphones Bluetooth in activated, then search and click on 'Sena 10C'. 10C Usability & Battery Life - Usability: If you've used a 20S before then you'll have no issues in operating the 10C as the commands are the same, the only addition to learn is the camera button which is very simple to use. I would advise looking at the quick guide included or by using the one available on the app, which is great when you're on the go. The buttons are well positioned and are easy to use, it just takes a little practice to remember the commands. If there's one change I could make, it would be to match the size of the control wheel to the 20S. Although it's still at a size where it's usable, the 20S is much user friendly. - Battery Life: Sena have advertised the 10C in having battery life for the following: ∙ Talk time (Intercom) - 17 hours. ∙ Radio on time - 8 hours. ∙ Recording time - 2 hours. Testing the intercom or radio for such amounts of time is rather extreme, so I decided to test the battery life from full charge on the most battery draining feature, video recording, and these are the results I got: ∙ Recording without using any Bluetooth or intercom features in 1080p: 2hrs, 17min & 21sec. ∙ Recording whilst connected to my smartphone via Bluetooth and playing music in 1080p: 2hrs, 7min & 32sec. The 10C monitors the battery levels and will disable recording as to leave you with decent talk time left, which is a very good feature to have. All in all the battery life is quite respectful, however I do want to point out that it's not removable. So why is this a problem? Well, whilst not entirely an issue if it was just used as an intercom because of how little often you would need to charge it, as it's being used as an action camera, you will find yourself charging it more often. Rechargeable batteries have a certain amount of charging cycles before it dies, so for action cameras it's quite important to be able to replace them when they're rendered useless. Audio Quality & Wireless Range - Intercom Quality (10C connected to 20S): I couldn't say anything bad about the audio quality whilst having an intercom conversation. The other person was clear and easy to understand and apparently I was too. - Phone Call Quality: Being on the receiving end, the quality is only going to be as good as the other persons phone. The receiver from my audio stated that it was clear that I wasn't directly on a phone, however had no idea I was actually riding my motorcycle. He did point out that the quality he was receiving could have some improvement. - FM Radio Quality: This may vary from person to person depending on the area they're in. Basing it on my experience, the FM radio quality was absolutely superb, a huge improvement in quality from my 20S. No matter which way I turned my head or whatever directly I was riding, the quality was consistent. - Music Quality: I listen to various genres from classical, pop, rock, electronica and dub-step and I found the quality to be more than satisfactory; well balance and clear sounding. You can achieve a high volume level with very little distortion, however I really wouldn't recommend it that high as we need some road awareness with our ears for safety. - Intercom Wireless Range: For a Bluetooth device, the intercom range is actually very good (although not as good as the 20S). On a nice clear stretch, my friend and I were quite some distance away from each other, myself being quite a few cars in front and we had no noticeable drop outs. However, add some corners with a lot of obstacles in the way such as a lot trees and you will notice the range will decrease significantly, so just bare that in mind. Action Camera Quality - Video Quality: Video files are recorded in 44min 36sec segments, so once you've gone past that time on a constant recording it will automatically create a new file. All video files are recorded in the QuickTime Movie (.mov) format. As for video quality, I would say it's at an acceptable quality. Of course it's not going to be anywhere as near as the likes of Sony or GoPro branded action cameras, so if sharpness & clarity were a major factor for your videos, then maybe this isn't the right product for you, just remember that the 10C isn't marketed towards the same area as they are. To break it down, the 10C performs well in daylight. decently in cloudy and just about okay in low-light with street lights around. - Audio Quality (Voice Recording): I have to say that in this department I'm fairly disappointed. Although usable, it's not something I'm used to coming from using the 20S and Prism. Considering the Prism took the audio from the 20S via Bluetooth, the voice recordings came out so clear! But with the 10C having a wired microphone, I honestly expected better. Like I said it's usable, and to be honest a lot of people wanting to use this for motovlogging may think it will do just fine, I can see there being a lot of people finding the quality not acceptable. - Audio Overlays: This is a really neat feature to have; if you're listening to music, FM radio or talking via intercom, these audio's will be overlaid onto your video recordings, and they come out rather clear too. Do note that the audio will be as loud on the recordings as you have it, so if it's too loud for your ears, it will be too loud on the recordings. These of course can be disabled (much easier doing it through the app), as well as there being an option which is turned off by default, to allow you to record your phone conversations! For me, the overlaying "Smart Audio Mix" is a much loved feature! Smartphone App To anyone using the 10C, I would highly recommend downloading the 'Sena Utility' app on your smartphone as it's an incredibly useful app to have. Once connected to the app, you can view the following tabs: - My Sena This is the home screen, it tells you which firmware version your 10C has and which version is the latest to be released. You can also quickly select 'Basic Settings', 'Quick Guide' & 'User's Guide' on this page. - Basic Settings This page has a variety of settings to enable/disable, such as sidetone, voice prompts and audio boost etc... It also allows you to choose which video quality you would prefer to record with and which overlays you would like to enable etc... - Speed Dial Save up to three phone numbers for the speed dial feature. - FM Radio Select your region and save up to 10 of your favourite radio stations. ∙ Quick Guide: A guide for when on the go. This guide covers with coloured pictures and text how to operate the 10C. Topics range from adjusting volume, checking battery level, pairing with other devices, using the camera and other features. The layout is done very well which makes it easy to read and understand. ∙ User's Guide: A more intensive guide that pretty much covers EVERYTHING you need to know, however I personally found the quick guide more useful. Final Opinion The 10C really is a unique product within the motorcycle accessory market and is definitely something that will appeal to a lot of motorcyclists. Considering how much features this device packs inside, I think the asking price is more than reasonable. Since owning this, I've had a couple of friends buy the 10C who have been satisfied by their purchase. If you're someone who is looking for high quality wireless voice recording and a lot of the features the 10C has, then I would highly suggest going for the 20S & Prism instead. Overall I would recommend the 10C, just make sure it ticks your boxes before you go ahead.
Posted: 25/08/2015
10C Bluetooth Headset
RRP: €399
Pros:  + Tonne of features in one unit.  + Great looking device.  + Simple mounting system.  + Nice button layout.  + Clear intercom audio.  + Receiving audio is very clear.  + Video tagging is great feature.  + Audio overlaying is awesome.  + Battery life is very impressive. Cons:  - Non-removable battery.  - No ‘UHD Voice Recording’.
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