When you first see the product with your own eyes I guarantee there will be no doubt in your mind whether it's going to be a good product, just the look of it tells you it means business and that it's going to deliver some quality sound waves too your ears. Well, I can safely tell you that the sound it delivered blew my socks off into another dimension. The docking station is either powered up between the supplied mains plug (comes with a UK & EU adapter), or by using four 'AA' batteries(not provided) which you can insert at the back of the dock by sliding the panel underneath the stand to the right-hand side. I know these speakers are advertised as iPod docks, however it has an "MP3" slot at the back which you can connect too ANY audio device with a headphone slot by using the supplied double 3.5mm jack lead. I have actually connected my TV up to this speaker and I must say the quality was top-notch, playing games with the Sub boost flicked on was amazing. The iPod docking port is pretty much compatible with every apple iPod device, be it the iPod touch, or from 1G all the way up to the most current 'G', you can also use your iPhone where it will then suggest you should download a certain application, but you don't actually need this so if you don't want to download it, just press "no"/"cancel", playing your songs through the dock will also charge your battery (I think this only happens when plugged into the mains, but is still convenient nevertheless). Overall I cannot fault this product, it has to get top stars from me. *Video reference*: First song featured: Far Away by Nickelback from album; All The Right Reasons. Second featured song: Down Down Down by Charlie Simpson from album; Young Pilgrim.
For such a small speaker, this thing is a beast!
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