Amazing mood lamp, but doesn't suit being in all types of rooms
Philips have really outdone themselves with the 'LivingColors' lamp range, they've made them look really decorative so whilst the lamp is turned off it still looks fantastic in a room. This product comes with the following: *Manual booklet. *DVD (Shows an example of a few of these lamps together and how they can give a good mood boost, as well as a basic how to tutorial). *Remote control & three AAA batteries. *Pouch for the lamp. *Mains plug. *The colour changing lamp. Setting up is very easy, first insert the AAA batteries into the remote (a little fiddly), place the lamp down on it's flat base part at your desired location and point it towards the wall, finally connect the lamp to the mains using the supplied power plug then press the "I" button on the remote. Once on, use the remote to adjust the following: * Colour by using the colour wheel. * Colour intensity (top left buttons). * Brightness (top right). Once you've had a play around, if you get the "perfect" setting, you can save it by pressing & holding down one of the pre-set buttons located at the bottom of the remote, once you've heard the 'bleep', it's saved and will be ready to select by just pressing that certain pre-set button. I personally found this product a breeze to use and am very pleased with the amount of different colours you can change it to, but that said I do want to note it didn't suit being in certain rooms within my house. Rooms with a very light colour on the wall is advised to get the most out of this lamp, if you have white/cream walls then even better, in fact on the DVD which was supplied, in the demo video the scenery was pretty much all white. When you are using this lamp on such walls, the colours the lamp gives out really stand out and display like they should, however darker colours don't really mix well with the light other than it's own colour, for example the only coloured light that suited being against my dark blue wall was.... blue, and with my red wall, only red light suited shining against it, most other colours didn't really mix well. For the moment, I have placed the lamp behind my TV to give it a really nice "aurora" effect, I can change the colour to suit what's on TV, ie: pink for a romantic film, yellow for sunrise/sunset & urban scenes, red for zombie films, it really does give you a great ambiance! Overall, would I recommend it?  Yes & No, I personally would love to recommend it to everyone as it is a fantastic product, but as mentioned above, it doesn't suit being in dark themed rooms, so if the main room you want this to be in is just that then I would say give it a pass.  If the main room you would like this lamp to be in is more lighter in colour, then go for it, I guarantee you wont regret the purchase!
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