I can understand why a lot of people felt they had been mugged off, however I personally have had the complete opposite experience. The graphics are stunning and the gameplay runs very smoothly, combined with the ease of use controls (which I feel has been done very well), makes the game incredibly enjoyable to play. If you put the amazing graphics, gameplay and all the side missions aside and take a look at just the main story, then this is an EXTREMELY short game; I completed the main mission just under two hours (obviously my first play-through I had no idea where I was going). You get quite a few minutes of cinematics before and after the main mission, which I thought was thoroughly enjoyable, but it does feel very short in all, so if you're specifically wanting this for the story and nothing else, there is a very big chance you'll be disappointed. I honestly hope they include Ground Zeros with Phantom Pain, so for those who are only interested in the story don't miss out, though that would mean they would have to wait around a year from the release of this game. If we look deeper into what this game actually offers as a whole package, then you may actually feel you've got your moneys worth: You have 6 missions altogether, one which is the main story and the rest are all side missions, these vary from infiltrating and assassinating certain individuals, grabbing classified information or blowing up enemy defences. Some missions are easier than others and whilst it's all based in the same area that's featured in the main game, each mission does feel different: - Ground Zeros (main story). - Eliminate the Renegade Threat. - Intel Operative Rescue. - Classified Intel Acquisition. - Destroy the Anti-Air Emplacements. - Déjà Vu (unlocked after getting all the Xof badges). If you avoid looking at the walkthroughs which are circulating the internet and do it all by yourself, you should find that you'll get many hours of gameplay time; I certainly have and I've still got lots more to do! (Though I may not be as good as the average gamer). Okay, so you've then finished all the levels? How about 'S' ranking them all on both difficulties? Or go even further by completing all 15 of the trophies (No platinum unfortunately, however there are 13 bronze, 1 silver & 1 gold to collect, the lack of platinum is apparently due to Sony not allowing platinum trophies on non-full priced games). - Reunion: Reunite with Chico or Paz. - Downfall: Clear the "Ground Zeroes" mission. - Genesis: Clear a Side Op or Extra Op. - Accomplished: Clear all missions (including Side Ops and Extra Ops). - Skilled: Clear any mission (including Side Ops and Extra Ops) with a S-rank. - Hero: Clear all missions (including Side Ops and Extra Ops) with a S-rank. - Rescue: In the "Ground Zeroes" mission, rescue the prisoner to be executed and extract him via chopper. - Depth: Clear the "Eliminate the Renegade Threat" Side Op by extracting both targets. - Pacifist: Clear the "Intel Operative Rescue" Side Op without killing a single enemy. - Infiltration: Clear the "Classified Intel Acquisition" Side Op while riding in the back of a truck - Extraction: In the "Destroy the Anti-Air Emplacements" Side Op, rescue and extract all prisoners via chopper. - Reminiscence: Recreate all scenes in the "Déjà-Vu" Extra Op. - Unlocked: Unlock all trials. - Information: Obtain all cassette tapes. - Insignia: Obtain all XOF unit patches. So all in all, there are many things to do within this game, which will give you plenty amount of hours worth of gameplay, which is why I believe my £25 was money well spent. If you want this purely for story, I'd say keep your money and try to borrow it off a friend as you'll probably just feel you've been mugged off; but for those who want to play the main story and have the challenge of completing everything, then this is definitely a game I'd recommend.
Posted: 28th March 2014
MGSV - Ground Zeroes
RRP: £25
Pros:  + Stunning Graphics.  + Gripping Gameplay.  + A ton of re-playability. Cons:  - Short Story.
Places to Buy: (UK) Amazon (US) Amazon
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