♦ Brief ♦ Personally I've never heard of the company Loewe before, but now after using one of their products for the first time, I now think of "top quality" when I see the company name. The Speaker 2go is extremely stylish, it has a simple rectangular box shape with a stunning aluminium brush finish around the edges of the product and seems to suit being placed anywhere around my house. One thing that surprised me was its weight, for a fairly small speaker it's rather heavy, but when you feel the product, you get the sense of a solid build with high quality materials, though the weight does help it stand its ground. ♦ Box Contents ♦ What's in the box: Speaker 2go | Power Adapter | 3.5mm AUX Cable | Carry Bag (Velvet, the one material I hate the feel of! >_<) | Instruction Manual. ♦ Set-up ♦ If you're planning to use this straight out of the box, you may need to charge the speaker first by connecting it to the mains via the power adapter included. Whilst charging, the speaker can still be used, to connect your device you can do one of the following: 1) AUX IN (Cable included): Basically you connect the audio cable into your device where your headphones would be plugged in, the other end goes into the "AUX IN" which is located on the back of the speaker. #NOTE: When using this method the volume is effected by both the speaker and your device, so crank up the volume on your device whilst keeping the speaker on low, then adjust the speaker to the appropriate volume. 2) Bluetooth: You can do this two different ways, either using the NFC feature if your device has it (the speakers NFC hotspot is the big black circle located on top), or via the normal Bluetooth settings. For me, the NFC didn't seem to work with my phone, either my phone was playing up or the speakers NFC was faulty, either way it was very simple to connect together manually; first you need to make sure your devices Bluetooth is active, then click and hold down the speakers Bluetooth button for a few seconds, then search for the "Speaker 2go" on your device, if it asks for a pass-code (which is didn't for me), type in "0000", and wallah! All connected. ♦ Other Features ♦ + USB Port: With the USB port located on the back of the speaker, you can charge your portable devices as long as you have the appropriate compatible cables. I personally think this is a neat idea, though I can imagine it will deplete the speakers battery a lot quicker when using this speaker portably. + Hands-free speaker phone (Bluetooth feature only): It seems a lot of portable speakers have this feature nowadays which I find to be a good addition. I tested this feature by phoning one of my friends and he said the sound quality wasn't perfect, however was easy to understand what I was saying. + Pop-Up Stand: Haven't really noticed much difference in sound when using this stand, but I use it anyway. ♦ Sound Quality ♦ Very hard to explain how good something sounds, so all I can say is the sound is crisp, it delivers a little kick of bass and it can get to high volumes with little to no distortion. ♦ Final Opinion ♦ The Loewe Speaker 2go is a very stylish and solid portable speaker, it delivers great sound quality and can last up to 8 hours on a full charge. Whilst the price is in the premium range, you do get the sense of premium quality which I believe justifies the price tag.
Solid quality product with crisp sound
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