IncrediSonic's Mini HD Media Player is surprisingly one of the most handy little media devices I have ever owned, I've had a media player with an inbuilt memory which was worth £90 at the time, and I can honestly say I prefer this little device, even if it means having to connect an external HDD, the interface is much smoother and better overall. The contents for this product are: * Main media hub. * Power Adaptor. * A/V Cable. * Remote control (batteries included). Those who want to view in full HD(on compatible TV's), you will need to buy a HDMI cable. It's a really simple device; you connect either the AV cable(provided) or HDMI to the TV, and the other end goes into the hub, connect the power cord and you're done! The interface is extremely user friendly, it's a basic yet not too bland design that anyone could navigate around with no problems. There were one or two issues I had with this product, but it was to do with the remote control: 1) There is a dark patch of background on the remote, but the text is black thus making it hard to read the text in this area, if it were a brighter colour, or white text, this issue wouldn't exist. 2) When viewing photos, it's easy to zoom in, but to zoom back out you need to keep zooming in until it pops back out, or alternatively you can skip to the next picture where it will reset the zoom. 3) No "Fit too screen" option, this would be a bonus, but it does display photos fine regardless. Those issues aside, I've had a good experience with this product and find it very useful. Although I have a PS3 which I can view video files on through a USB stick, there is some limitation to certain file extensions and a lot of the time I get a "unsupported format" (even some PC's can struggle reading certain files), but with IncrediSonic's HD media player that issue is non-existent, this device can support pretty much every codec available! Not only does it support USB's & SDHC's/MMC's, it can read from external HDD's, U-Disks and apparently even E-Books too! Due to it's size it makes it very portable, whilst not being able to play on the go(unless you have a power source and output display), you can bring this device a long with your external HDD with films on it and view them on a TV around a friends house or hotel, you could even hook it up to a projector for a business meeting to show some video. So many possibilities, so top stars from me!
Small, easy to carry & very handy
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