When it comes to capturing gameplay from your consoles, you want as good quality as you can get so you can show your friends or the world those amazing moments in detail. The problem is there are so many different game captures to choose from these days such as Roxio, AverMedia, Hauppauge +more, that it can be a daunting task to choose the right one. Whilst I can't comment on the others being bad or good due to the fact I haven't personally tried them myself, I can safely say that 'Elgato Game Capture HD' offers simple connectivity, ease of use and very high quality. So what's in the box?: Game Capture Device | AV Cable(PS3) | Unencrypted HDMI Cable(Xbox or use as pass-through) | Component Cable | Mini USB - USB cable. Minimum system requirements: * Mac: Mac OS X 10.7, 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU. * PC: Windows 7, 2.0 GHz dual core CPU. * Sound card | 4 GB RAM | Built-in USB 2.0 port. * You will also need an internet connection to download the software from Elgato's official website as there is no software disk included. - - - Setting everything up was extremely simple: Step 1) Download the game captures software. Step 2) Connect your console to the 'Game Capture HD' using the appropriate cable: - PS3:  You need to use the AV cable rather than HDMI cable, this is because the PS3's HDMI port is encrypted. (You can still get upto 1080i quality using the AV Cable). - Xbox: Use the HDMI cable provided. Step 3) Link the 'Game Capture HD' and HDTV together via HDMI cable. Step 4) Insert the USB cable included to both your computer and 'Game Capture HD'. Step 5) Load up the software. Step 6) Turn on your console. - Important PS3 Information: PS3 users will need to go to their PS3 "Settings" - "Display Settings" - "Video Output Settings" - "Components / D- Terminal" - When selecting resolution, make sure "1080p" is NOT selected, only go up to "1080i". The PS3 auto-detects when an HDMI cable is used, but it doesn't auto-detects the AV input.  The way I got around this was hooking the PS3 up directly to the TV(whilst AV cables were also connected to the game capture), I then went to the display settings and clicked on "Component / D-Terminal", once selected I had quickly removed the HDMI from the PS3 and connected it to the 'Game Capture HD', this solved the problem and took only 30 seconds for me to do. Step 7) If there is no picture displayed on the game capture software, go to the 'Game Capture HD Settings' which can be located within the "Device" box under the "Capture" tab.  The setting button is to the right-hand side and looks like a hammer and spanner crossed over.  It is important to have the "Input Device" on the right settings, after selecting the right option, you should have your gaming consoles screen displayed on the software.  *Note*; the software has a few seconds delay on game footage, so use your TV to play games. Step 8) Tweak other settings if necessary, then your done! Set-up took barely 5 minutes overall, I was very pleased with how easy it was to set-up. :) - - - The computer specs I used whilst using the 'Game Capture HD' software were: * Windows 7 64-bit Operating System | Intel i7 960 3.2 GHz Processor | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 Graphics Card | 12GB RAM. First of all, the installation process was error free(always a good start), the program loads up promptly and so far I have yet to see it crash. The layout is basic in a good way and is very easy to navigate, you have simple settings to choose from such as where you would like the gameplay recordings to be saved, the quality of the video files(which will impact the file size) and adjustments in the picture output. As for recording gameplay, couldn't be any simpler, just press the big red button to start the recording process and press it again to stop. To the right of the record button you have a "time-shift" bar, this is probably the best feature I have ever seen. Lets say you decided to stop recording because the game your playing is not going in your favour, then out of the blue you do the most epic thing you have every done in gaming history, which of course could not be re-created even with the highest bit of luck... well don't despair, the software keeps an ongoing backup for a certain period of time, which by using the "time- shift", you can go back in time to record that epic moment. There is also an edit tab available, however it is very basic. Tools available are 'trim' & 'delete', it basically lets you keep the good parts and throw the bad out. For those wanting that extra editing experience, I would suggest something like Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 (other software's available). The final part of the edit section is a quick share where you can click on lets say "YouTube", then all you have to do is type in your account details and it uploads the video for you. Overall I think this is a completely solid package, and whilst it may seem a bit expensive, I do feel you get your monies worth and would highly recommend!
Simply amazing
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