May cost a lot, but it's sure better than a normal heater
As I currently have no heating in my house with a negative bonus of having no insulated walls, my house can get extremely cold, so I'm very pleased and grateful to receive this product. The Dyson Hot comes all intact except for the base, however the base literally takes no more than 10 seconds to attach, once done, all you have to do is plug it in! To operate this fan/heater you have two choices; 1) Use the controls on the tower unit, 2) Use the supplied infra-red remote control which is magnetic, and allows you to place it on top of the tower where it wont be easily knocked off/lost. On both the tower and remote, you can: 1) Turn the power on/off. 2) Adjust the breeze levels from 1 - 10. 3) Adjust heat levels 0°c - 37°c.  The light will be blue on "0" making you aware it's in cool mode, whereas anything from 1°c+ will make it turn red indicating it's on heat mode. 4) Oscillate the heater to spread the cool/hot breeze around more efficiently. The only thing you can't do remotely and that is to angle the device up or down, you have to do that manually with your hands. When using the heater, if it doesn't "work" when turned on do not panic, it has a built in thermostat, so if the room doesn't need to be heated, it wont pump out hot air.  It will start pumping out hot air when it needs to heat the room up. I want to state that I have been using different plug-in radiators and heaters for months now (even in summer my house got cold) and I can safely say that this is the best heater I have had, period. Undoubtedly, this product makes noise and to be honest in all my heating the house attempts, there is only one device that doesn't make a noise and that was my plug-in radiator (which doesn't do a good job at heating up rooms except small ones), all heaters I've had make noise and this is actually quieter than any other heater I've had, so for this reason, this "issue" doesn't actually bother me. If don't have heating issues in your house but want to top it up on those winter days, I would still recommend this product as you're saving space and have something that will be useful in the summer also, but if you really don't need any extra heat boost then there really isn't any need of owning this product or any other heater, if you want the cooling feature, you might as well go for the Dyson Air Multiplier AM01 as it does a better job at cooling. The power consumption is 2000 Watts, it may seem a lot but this device heats up rooms faster than normal heaters, thus making this product in the long-run cost you less money to run. This device is also easy to clean and doesn't cause burning smells like normal heaters, as this product has a heating cap any dust that makes it's way into the heating unit wont actually burn. To finalise this product, I would say it's well worth the money!
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