After reading all the reviews on Amazon, looking at both the negatives and positives I decided to go into my saving to purchase one of these intriguing "fans". When you open the box that contains this product you will see that it is split into two parts; the base and the top part. Setting up was very easy and simple, you just place the "hoop" on the base, give it a twist until it clicks and that's all too it, just plug it in and away you go. When the product is turned on, there is a slight amount of noise on the lowest setting, but it really didn't bother me at all, as it was quieter than the blade fan I have in my room that I'm use to hearing and it gave a better breeze than my other fan could ever deliver. The breeze level is very adjustable as it's adjusted by turning the knob at the front, instead of having buttons "0, 1, 2". I have to admit that when I turned it to the max there was a fair amount of noise, however compared to the fan in my room which has an annoying rattling sound as well as the noise of the blades turning, I would rather listen to the smooth sound of the motor spinning inside the Dyson fan which somewhat sounds like a smoother, quieter version of a vacuum? The Dyson fan also has a rotation feature which it rotates roughly 90°, and the fan can be tilted down or up also. This product is definitely safer than a normal fan, without blades spinning around there isn't any danger of children trying to stick objects through the grates (which I did when I was a child), or even try to stick their finger through as well, never mind if they manage to get the case off the blades would be exposed. Cleaning? EASY! Grab a dry or damp cloth and give it a wipe, that's all it takes. Overall it's a great looking product, it delivers the breeze other fans struggle to deliver, it's safe and it's easy to clean. Worth the money? I haven't looked back but I guess in the end it's up to you if you're happy to spend a decent amount of money for this product. I'm presuming once this has been out for awhile it will go down in price dramatically, but since this is new and cost a lot of money to design and make, the price is currently high. Anyway 5*/5* from me.
Although costly, I'm glad I bought it!
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