*WARNING*: These lasers are NOT toys and should not be owned by anyone under 18! DO NOT shine at people, animals, buildings or aeroplanes. ALWAYS wear safety goggles. Be MINDFUL of where the beam is being pointed as reflected beams can still blind.
If you want quality, look no further! Dragonlasers offer various lasers ranging from different power outputs to different light spectrum wavelengths. The uses of hand-held lasers vary from presentations (low mW output lasers) & astronomy (Medium to high mW output for star pointing). some farmers even use green lasers to scare off crows (the laser doesn’t have to be on them to scare them, so it wont harm them). This laser is made with excellent quality and has roughly 5000+ hours of life, it has a 447nm wavelength which is between violet & blue, it has a power of 1W (1000mW), so due care is a must with this laser!  The beam is a rectangle not a circle and the focus point is huge over distances, that combined with the power output makes it extremely inappropriate for presentations.  This laser is great for star pointing & tracking as you can point directly to the star your looking at, this saves you time finding stars & more time admiring them. Due to it’s extremely high power output, you can also have random fun burning matches and popping balloons, but with this “fun” comes great responsibility, if you think you can’t handle the responsibility, then don’t use it for such means!
Best quality laser on the market!
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