General Enquiries If you would like to ask a question about a certain product, feel free to leave a message in the comments box via Amazon or YouTube on the product review. I will always try my best to answer the question accurately, though please keep in mind that I go through quite a lot of products and may not be able to answer if I haven’t used the product for awhile. Amazon Enquiries Unfortunately within the first quarter of 2017, Amazon had revised their reviewing terms & conditions which now lo longer allow reviews to be published if a product was given at either a discounted rate, or free of charge in exchange of a review, regardless of whether there is a disclaimer. It used to be allowed if a disclaimer was made within the review. Due to these changes, myself and other reviewers are not only allowed to accept such requests for any Amazon platform, nor are sellers allowed to ask for such. YouTube Availabilities Video reviews - Limited slots available. Due to mixing work hours with reviewing time, slots are very limited. Videos take a lot of time to produce (preparing, filming, editing & rendering). Depending on the circumstances, I may charge a small fee for my services. Product giveaways - Currently available. Provide a product to be given away in a promotional video, a small amount of fees are charged to cover the postage costs to send the item to the winner. Sponsorship - Available for sponsoring. If sponsorship is granted, any videos uploaded when the sponsorship is activated will have an advertisement played at the beginning of the video. Advertisements published on a video within the sponsor period will stay on even after the sponsorship has ended, this is because the advertisement will be rendered into the video.
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