Introduction Braun Series 9 '9095CC' electric shaver is supposedly the "crème de la crème" of their electric shaver line-up. With a premium price-tag I truly expected top results. First impressions were very positive, the shaver looks extremely smart and felt incredibly comfortable to hold. It was when I put the shaver down I realised that maybe having a chrome, wasn't probably the best choice for a finish. The slightest handing of the shaver makes it go from smart looking to not so smart as it picks up finger prints so easily. Grip wise they've done a great job, most of the back and sides are covered with rubber, and the lock button on the front has some bumps which add a subtle amount of grip. All in all, when in use, I wasn't worried it was going to slip out of my hand. Box Contents & Recommended Extras - Box Contents ∙ 9095cc Shaver. ∙ Leather Travel Case.* ∙ Mini Cleaning Brush. ∙ Clean & Charge Station ∙ Clean & Renew Cartridge. ∙ Power Cable. ∙ Instruction Manual. *A quality feeling case that provides a snug fit for the shaver, however would be nice to have a little pocket for the mini brush. - Recommended: Clean and Renew Refill Cartridges.* Series 9 Replacement Head.** *It states in the manual that if you were to clean the shaver everyday, then they will need replacing every three week. I can't see the need of doing a proper clean every day, so I would expect to replace it every 1-2 months. **It's recommended to replace the head every 18 months. - Optional: ∙ The power cable has a shaver plug, so if you don't have a shaver outlet, you will need to get a shaver adaptor. Shaving Experience I've got to admit, the first time when I had used this I didn't get satisfactory results, even though I thought I did everything right: Trim my beard; held the shaver at a 90° angle; I tried pushing down lightly and hard and sweeping it in all kinds of directions, but I just didn't get the results I expected. My beard still had many hairs left and and during the shave my hair got pinched, and yes that was painful... In all honesty, I thought this shaver was rubbish. I presume you must already gather than a foil shaver isn't something I'm used too, well you're correct. It was only when I tried it on my head (I shave my hair regularly) and it did an AMAZING job, real close shave, no nicks, nothing. Then I realised the skin on my head is much tighter than on my face, so I retried shaving my beard, but this time, using my other hand to stretch my skin and make it tighter, results: Fantastic. It glided across my face no problems and the shaver head moves with the curves, this made for a really comfortable shave. So basically what I'm trying to say is those who haven't used a foil shaver before, or haven't been keen on them in the past, just have a little patience and you will get very good results. Those who are used to these types of shavers, you'll have nothing to worry about, you'll get a nice close shave. As for the pop-up trimmer, it's awful. This shaver would be best without it, or include one that does a decent job, what a shame. Clean & Renew Process The clean and charge dock is so simple to set up: 1) Plug the power cable into the dock (a lot easier to do this first). 2) Remove the seal off of the cartridge (be careful not to spill). 3) The back of the dock has a button, press that and the bottom will spring open unveiling a compartment. 4) Slide the cartridge into the bottom section (the section with the holes should be the last to go in). 5) Push the top part of the dock down and it should all click into place. 6) Plus the power cable into an outlet. 7) Be careful when handling, don't tilt the dock as it could risk a spillage, and never use it near any flames as the liquid is highly flammable. The shaver will indicate when it needs cleaning by displaying a water drop on the LCD screen. To clean and charge after use, place the shaver head first into the top of the docking station then push it back. With the dock powered up, press the on button and it will go through a cleaning process for 3 minutes, once done it will blow the shaver dry for 40 minutes. Once this whole process has passed, the shaver head is sterilised, lubricated and smells rather refreshing, plus it would have charged the shaver. Final Opinion Undoubtedly a top shaver for day to day use (or every other day). It delivers a great shave if used correctly and the docking station ensures the shaver is maintained to the highest quality. It's just a real shame the pop-up trimmer isn't any better. Price does seem a little off-putting, even in the really long run, it doesn't seem that cost effective compared to manual razors, but hey, you have the convenience of a quick dry shave which is much less hassle in my eyes.
Posted:  18th June 2015
Series 9 - 9095CC
RRP: £329.99
Pros:  + Smart looking.  + Good grip.  + Waterproof.  + Comfortable handling.  + Top shaving results.  + Clean & charge docking     station is superb.  + Premium case included. Cons:  - It’s a finger print magnet.  - Pop-up trimmer isn’t great.
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