Introduction When you think of portable speakers, these certainly wouldn't be the first to pop in your mind, this is because most portable speakers come as a solo unit and are normally much smaller than one of these speakers alone. Though with two speakers, this means bigger sound as well as right & left audio. When these are packed into their case, they do seem fairly big as a whole, so these wouldn't be suitable for people who normally carry a smaller sized bag. Though if you have the space then these are certainly worth it as not only are they pretty stylish, they also offer very good sound & have a long lasting battery. What's In The Box? S111 BT Speakers | Micro-USB Charging Cable | AUX Cable | Instruction Manual | Speaker Case*. *The case has a little net pocket where you can store your cables. Features & Set-Up + Bluetooth 4.0. + Portable & comes with case. + Up to 12 hours of playback. + Battery level indicator + Available in a variety of colours. There are two ways to connect your devices to this speaker: 1) Bluetooth: - Hold the power button down (located on the right speaker) until it turns on. - Search for Bluetooth devices on your smartphone or Bluetooth enabled device and connect to S111 BT. 2) AUX Cable: - Connect one cable to your device and the other end into the 'line in' port on the right speaker. Sound Quality The volume level it can achieve is more than reasonable in my opinion. As for the bass, it does lack a little as you would expect from a set of small speakers such as this (and its price tag), however the sound quality is actually very clear which is pleasant to the ears. Final Opinion These are a brilliant set of speakers, they do take a bit more space than the average "portable speaker", however the sound will certainly make up for it. These would be great to use at home where you can move the music around with you, or take outside such as when going for a picnic etc...
Posted: 16th July 2014
RRP: £39.99
Pros:  + Cool & stylish design.  + Very clear sound.  + Easy to use.  + Really good battery life.  + Available for decent price. Cons:  - Lacks in bass.
Places to Buy: (UK) Amazon (US) Amazon (EU) Manufacture
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