Introduction The ‘Home Charger 4500’ by ARCTIC is a small and sleek looking wall 4-way USB charger with USB 3.1 support (for faster charging), that provides a great way of charging multiple devices at once. With an output of 4500mA (4.5A) and a max output of 2900mA per port, you’re not going to hinder the charging process of any device that’s charging at the same time from this one unit. One very important thing this product promises is the “Worry-free Charging”, which ensures safe charging due to its “thermal, short circuit, over-current and over-voltage protection”. What's In The Box? Inside the packaging, you should find the Home Charger 4500 & a user manual. No charging cables are included as you should have the appropriate cables required to charge your devices already. Specifications Input: AC 110-240V 50/60Hz. Output: DC 5V, up to 2,900mA per Port, combined 4,500mA. Dimensions: 71(H) x 55 (W) x 80 (L) - Based on the EU Plug. Plugs Available: EU, UK & US. Warranty: 2 Years. Using the Product The black ports are apparently compatible with all USB devices and enables fast charge to smartphones of every major manufacturer, whereas the orange ports are configured to enable fast charge tablets & smartphones. Using the HC4500 is very simple, just plug the unit into your mains, insert the appropriate USB cable into one of the ports located on the HC4500 and finally insert the cable into the device you want to charge. When the HC4500 is powered up or is connected to a device, there will be an LED light to signal different power/charging situations: I’ve had multiple devices charging all at one time (smartphone and two cameras) and it seemed to do the job perfectly fine. For each port being used, each indication was corresponding to each port correctly to let me know the devices status. There was also no sign of the HC4500 overheating whilst/after charging. Power Efficiency Not only can it be more expensive buying multiple chargers (depending on the brand etc...), you're using more power outlets which means there are less sockets available which could be taken up by something else, and you'll be using more energy. My friend who’s an electrician explained to me clearly why using this one charger which has four USB ports, actually uses less electricity than four chargers with only one USB port would: “In each charger there are diodes and transformers. Diodes use a small amount of the voltage to operate, and the transformers are unable to transform 100% of the input voltage to the output. So by using four chargers that only features one USB port per unit, you’re technically using a set of diodes and transformers per each USB port, which means the inefficiencies are quadrupled in comparison to using the HC4500.” - Tom H. In a time where most people are tightening on their electricity bills, this product should help to aid in such issue in the long run. Final Opinion To get straight to the point, I absolutely love this product, no longer do I need to rely on multiple charging units (which normally come with only one or two USB charging ports).  This means you can keep track of where all your devices are being charged at as they’re all in one place, you’re also freeing up other power outlets as well as saving power in the long run, so what’s there not to like? Another positive thing is when I have friends & family around (who most own a smartphone or other USB device), most argue to whether who’s using my one and only mains USB charger that has one port, so now I have a device that will reduce all the squabbles. I know this charger may not please everyone, some may disagree with me when it comes to keeping everything together, and would argue that having all devices in one place is just going to amount to one mass of clutter, which is fair enough to say, but I hope the majority would agree with me when I say it’s much more convenient having everything in one area, and if clutter is such an issue, just plug it into an area where it’s more appropriate and not much of an eyesore. Overall, I believe this product is available for a very reasonable price and is something I would definitely recommend.
Posted: 21st March 2014
ARCTIC Home Charger 4500
RRP: €19.99
Pros:  + Affordable price  + Simultaneously charge     4 devices.  + USB 3.1 support.  + Overload protection. Cons:  - Possible clutter of devices.
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